21st Century – The Century of Spirituality – A Glimpse into the MyAngels Social Platform

The digital era we are living in has brought the world to the most sophisticated stage of fragmentation.

For the first time in history, people as social animals are joining communities independent of their national, political, cultural, or religious origins.

The natural human need to connect, share moments, and information is growing without limits on social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MyAngels, and LinkedIn are global social communities that are increasingly profiling on the major development trends of humanity.

On the longest day of the year, the summer solstice, MyAngels, the world’s only spiritual social media platform, entered a new stage, a new level of development, in a new version.

It is proof that in over 60 countries the MyAngels community is becoming a social phenomenon based on the values of positivism and mutual support.

In a world where noise has become normal and aggression a fashion, the well-being on MyAngels is the realm of peace in the digital world, a place for a fragmented spiritual community.

Dr. Darren R. Weissman, Author and Developer of The LifeLine Technique®, United States: „In a world full of fear and uncertainty, the ability to connect with ourselves and others is fundamental to inner and outer peace. People worldwide are searching for and need a way to stay connected in a present and positive manner. Social media often fuels division and feeds the emotional turmoil our world is currently facing.

There is still hope!

I am grateful for the MyAngels platform. It is a true blessing that has empowered me personally and many people with whom I have shared it. How could your life be impacted by the fact that thousands, if not millions, of people are thinking of you in a positive way? Do thoughts, intentions, and prayers matter? Of course, they do. What we focus on grows. Whether you are struggling with health or relationships, losses or traumas, finances or pursuing your dream, MyAngels holds a key to accessing and harnessing your purest potential to shine. MyAngels will provide you with a safe and supportive space and community to consciously connect with your Higher Self and help others do the same. It is simple, yet profound. Over 100 years ago, and even more relevant today, Mahatma Gandhi said, „Be the change you want to see in the world.” MyAngels offers us the opportunity to create and manifest positive changes in ourselves and the world.

If you are curious, I encourage you to take a look.”

The MyAngels platform is the innovation meant to transform the way the community connects, shares, and grows spiritually.

The foundation of MyAngels has always been about creating a spiritual, warm, supportive environment where all people can share their spiritual journeys, receive blessings, and spread positivity. The latest update of MyAngels’ functionalities and interface takes these fundamental principles to new heights, integrating advanced features that enhance user experience and deepen spiritual connections.

Barbara Sneider – Integrative Wellness Coach, Nutritionist, and Intuitive Guide, United States: „Nowadays, more than ever, people seek authentic connections. As a member of the MyAngels community, you will never feel alone. This innovative digital platform unites us as a global community and fosters a powerful flow of positive energy to enhance spiritual awareness. With free content from renowned spiritual teachers and healers, I have been able to learn about various topics of interest. When I share my wishes and hopes within the MyAngels community, people from around the world support me, creating a powerful network of shared intentions and mutual upliftment. By accelerating our spiritual evolution on multiple levels, I believe MyAngels will soon transform the way we interact, inspiring and motivating individuals in their quest for spiritual connection and higher consciousness.”

Sorin Marinescu, CEO of MyAngels, shared his vision for the platform: „This update is a milestone in our mission to unite people in light and positivity. We have created a platform that truly embodies spiritual connections. The new features are designed to deepen user experiences and support a global community of kindness. MyAngels is about transforming lives, and this update brings us closer to that dream.”

Key Features of the Upgrade

The new MyAngels platform introduces several exciting features designed to enhance users’ spiritual journeys:

  • Refreshed User Interface: A modern and sleek design for effortless and pleasant navigation.
  • Personalized Spiritual Growth: Tailored recommendations to guide users on their spiritual path.
  • Advanced Blessings and Prayers: New powerful tools to amplify the community’s positive energy.
  • Progress Tracking: Celebrate spiritual milestones and achievements.
  • Safety and Positivity: MyAngels’ architecture ensures a safe space, free from harm, offense, or hate. It is impossible to spread negativity here.

Ana Ortega, Holistic Therapist and Spiritual Development Facilitator from Spain: “MyAngels offers us the opportunity to create an egregore of consciousness, trust, unity, and light, where those who seek and wish to grow spiritually can use the light to transmute karma and thus co-create a happier life, connected to their human and divine mission.”

Join the MyAngels Revolution

As MyAngels 2.0 launches, users are invited to explore this updated platform, designed to elevate their spiritual journeys. Whether you are a long-time member or new to the community, this update promises a richer and more fulfilling experience.

MyAngels is an American company with users from 60 countries. The MyAngels community has always been about building connections rooted in love, light, and spiritual growth. This sentiment is beautifully encapsulated in the platform’s motto: „MyAngels, the network of good.”

Duncan Hooper, Digital Media Expert/Manager, United Kingdom: “MyAngels has found a unique positioning around communities who are seeking positive empowerment amid increasing disillusionment with traditional social media platforms. As X, Meta, and TikTok are swamped with misinformation, polemic, and aggression, MyAngels has taken a different track. It has built an online presence based on improving the world and the wellness of its community, attracting members from across geographies, ages, and social groups. They may have different beliefs and traditions but they can unite behind the idea that angels can bring light to the darkness of loneliness, and spread joy. The unique concept of being able to share not just photos and video but also positive thoughts of hope and support, has struck a chord where other more individualist and algorithm-based platforms have failed.”

Join the MyAngels revolution today and discover the transformative power of spiritual social media.

For more information, download the MyAngels platform from the AppStore or Google Play or visit the website myangels.com and start your spiritual journey today.

„MyAngels, Connecting Angels from Around the World.”

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