Alstom produces trains in Romania for Italy, the Czech Republic, and Finland

“As of June 2009, Alstom began providing services in Romania for high speed trains in Italy, the Czech Republic, and Finland, at the Militari [Bucharest] factory. This measure, among others, was taken in order to avoid laying off a certain number of employees on the local market,” Stanciu said. The company official cited as an example the production line that was managing Pendolino trains in Italy, which was transferred to Romania. Moreover, Stanciu said that the local subsidiary will also attract orders received by the group from France.

For the fiscal year that will end in March 2010, the representative of Alstom Transport Romania estimates net sales of €40 mln, compared to €34 mln posted in 2008. At the European level, Alstom’s main competitors are Bombardier and Siemens.

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