MyAngels A New Visual Identity in Spiritual Social Media

In today’s digital age, fragmentation is at its peak. For the first time, people are joining communities independent of their national, political, cultural, or religious backgrounds. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MyAngels, and LinkedIn are global communities reflecting humanity’s major developmental trends.

On the summer solstice, MyAngels, the world’s only spiritual social media platform, launched a new version. With users from over 60 countries, MyAngels is a social phenomenon based on positivity and mutual support.

In a world where noise and aggression are rampant, MyAngels offers a serene digital haven for spiritual communities.

Dr. Darren R. Weissman, Author and Developer of The LifeLine Technique®, United States: “In a world full of fear and uncertainty, connecting with ourselves and others is essential for peace. MyAngels is a blessing that empowers people. It offers a safe space for conscious connections and helps us harness our purest potential.”

Barbara Sneider – Integrative Wellness Coach, Nutritionist, and Intuitive Guide, United States: “People seek authentic connections more than ever. As a MyAngels member, you’ll never feel alone. The platform fosters global community and spiritual awareness. Sharing desires within the community attracts global support, creating a powerful network of shared intentions.”

Sorin Marinescu, CEO of MyAngels: „This update marks a milestone in our mission to unite people in light and positivity. We’ve created a platform that embodies spiritual connections. MyAngels is about transforming lives.”

Key Features of the Upgrade:

  • Revamped User Interface: Modern, sleek design for easy navigation.
  • Personalized Spiritual Growth: Tailored recommendations for your spiritual path.
  • Advanced Blessings and Prayers: Powerful tools to amplify positive energy.
  • Progress Tracking: Celebrate spiritual milestones.
  • Safety and Positivity: Ensures a safe space free from harm and negativity.

Ana Ortega, Spain: “MyAngels allows us to create an egregor of consciousness, trust, unity, and light, helping us transmute karma and co-create a happier life connected to our human and divine mission.”

Duncan Hooper, Digital Media Expert UK: „MyAngels has uniquely positioned itself around communities seeking positive empowerment amid growing disillusionment with traditional social media. It unites members globally, fostering joy and support.”

Join the MyAngels revolution and explore the upgraded platform designed to elevate your spiritual journey. Download MyAngels from the AppStore or Google Play, or visit to start your spiritual journey today.

„MyAngels, Connecting Angels Around the World.”

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