“Romania IT” promotion worth €500,000

“Romania IT” promotion worth €500,000

The €500,000 were used to support the participation of Romanian IT companies in trade shows under the Romania IT umbrella. The most important such event this year was CeBIT, in Hannover, Germany, for which the state contributed €150,000. “At the end of each event, companies evaluate the export commitment at between one and four million euros. Companies registered approximately four million euros worth of export engagements at CeBIT,” said Lianu.

Under the same “Romania IT” brand, Romanian IT companies also participated in the Gartner Symposium in San Francisco (April 22-27), with a €54,000 budget, the Gartner Portals, Content & Collaboration Summit in London (June 5-6), and the Orlando, USA trade show (October 7-12), with a €185,000 contribution. The next IT trade show will be the Munich Systems (October 23-26) which has been an allocated a budget of €85,000. “As concerns the number of daily contacts per company, IT companies have an average of some 10-12 contacts each day,” said the MIMMCTPL official, explaining that the financial aspect is not the only indicator of efficiency.

The CEO of the two most important employer associations in the Romanian IT industry, ARIES and ANIS, Valerica Dragomir, indicated that benefits are more qualitative than quantitative. “Given the duration of sales cycles in our industry, a quantitative estimation can be made 6-12 months after an event,” she explained.

Costin Lianu said that as of next year, Romanian IT companies will participate in no less than seven trade shows and the budget will be at least equal to the one this year. Similar branding is being prepared for the furniture, wine and ready-made clothing industries. “We will soon have a family of export brands, which is a significant qualitative leap and clearly contributes to the country’s brand,” concluded Lianu.

The “Romania IT” brand was created by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the former Ministry for Economy, and USAID, at a cost of some €120,000. According to ARIES and ANIS, IT exports in 2007 are up to €500 million.