Romania’s financial companies gain 1.13% at rising bell on BSE, on general market climb

Romania’s financial companies gain 1.13% at rising bell on BSE, on general market climb

Liquidity reached 2.43 million lei (694,152 euros), 42 percent up from the previous session, when it stood at 1.71 million lei.

The BET index measuring the ten best companies on BSE went up 0.64 percent to 6,378.40 and the BET-C composite index assessing all listed shares minus investment funds advanced 0.22 percent to 4,621.79.

The BET-FI index, showing the evolution of financial companies (SIFs) appreciated 1.13 percent to 36,256.02 and the ROTX index for trading blue-chips in Vienna nudged up 1.33 percent to 14,988.61.

The BET-XT index of the 25 most liquid companies on the market grew 0.74 percent to 660.18, while the BET-NG index of the ten power companies on BSE dropped 0.57 percent to 856.09.

American bourses closed with significant hikes. The Dow Jones composite index (DJIA) climbed 2.65 percent to 11,734.32 and the S&P500 index of the best 500 companies on the bourse added 2.39 percent to 1,296.32. Nasdaq idled at 2,414.10.

Shares of Erste Bank (EBS), the majority owner of Romania’s largest bank by assets Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR), were the most liquid, with deals totaling 708,896 lei, and hiked 4.36 percent to 155.50 lei.

Fifth Romanian lender by assets Banca Transilvania (TLV) gained 1.47 percent to 0.346 lei, while second Romanian lender by assets BRD SocGen (BRD) cheapened 0.50 percent to 19.80 lei, after announcing a net profit climb of 23 percent, below market expectations.

Financial company SIF Transilvania (SIF3) nudged up 0.51 percent to 0.98 lei and SIF Oltenia (SIF5) advanced 1.51 percent to 2.03 lei.

Fertilizer producer Amonil (AMO) dropped 2.93 percent to 0.0728 lei and Azomures (AZO) depreciated 0.56 percent to 0.88 lei.

Source: NewsIn