Romania’s six new ministers were sworn in on Friday

The deputy Gheorghe Ialomitianu filled the finance minister position, the senator Ion Ariton will take over the helm of the Economy Ministry, the deputy Ioan Nelu Botis will assume the labor minister position and Valerian Vreme will take over the lead of the Ministry of Communications.

Senator Anca Boagiu was appointed as minister for the third time in her career and took over the Transportation Ministry. She was the minister for European integration during 2005-2007 and transportation minister from June to December 2000. The deputy Valeriu Tabara was named as agriculture minister for the second time, after his mandate in 1994-1996.

Sebastian Vladescu, Mihail Dumitru, Gabriel Sandu, Mihai Seitan, Adriean Videanu and Radu Berceanu were dismissed from the government Thursday night.

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