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Unionists will protest at the Cotroceni Palace to ask the president to reject the restraint measures

On the other hand, the leaders of the five unions decided to sustain starting July 15 all the trials initiated by the public employees against the state for not applying the 25 percent salary cut and those of the pensioners that could begin starting...

Premier Boc wants the government to assume responsibility on the measures agreed with IMF

Before it will be presented in the government, the bill will be tackled within the governance coalition, the premier mentioned.

Basescu to meet on Sunday the leaders of the unions aiming to protest against the measures announced

The five unions to attend the meeting are Cartel Alfa, CNSLR Fratia, CSDR, BNS and CNS Meridian.The president of BNS, Dumitru Costin, declared on Friday the five major unions formed a crisis committee and decided to ask President Basescu a meeting before the government...