About 85% of the transportation means in Bucharest to run on June 1, unionists say

Only 2,400 people out of the 11,800 employees of RATB signed for the solidarity strike, while the rest will not protest.

Some 537 trolley buses and tramways circulate daily in Bucharest, next to 1,000 buses.

The metro, the tramway and the trolley buses will not run on June 1 between 4 a.m. and 4 p.m., the leader of the USLM union, Ion Radoi, said in a press conference on Friday.

“If the government decision from May 12, which foresees the 25 percent cut of salaries, is not changed, we will initiate procedures to call a general strike, but first we will call a solidarity strike on June 1,” he said.

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