The best BVB bond market day

Yesterday’s transactions were four times higher than the value registered in the best week in the history of this market, registered last month. Most traded were the state bonds with maturity in 2014 (March) and an 11 percent coupon.

Yesterday’s transactions with this share (B1403A) were worth more than RON 61 million (over €14 mln) and were followed by the nearly RON 57 mln (over €13 mln) transactions with B1210A bonds (October 2012 maturity).

The prices for B1403A and B1210A were five percent and 4.4 percent above their nominal value. Thus, “their returns close in on that of the latest benchmark bond issue by the Ministry of Finance, of 9.98 percent,” said Cristian Tudorescu, General Manager of Explore Asset Management.

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