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The price of zoso.ro

€300,000, was the offer received by Vali Petcu, the most important blogger in Romania and author of zoso.ro, which he turned down, adding that what would determine him to finalize this transaction is a change in his personal life.

Author: Ana Zavate | Sursa: Business Standard | Publicat: 14.09.2009, 21:00

“I am a small fish. Once I sell, I can be replaced by someone else. I would not sell my blog now. This was a crisis offer, less than €300,000, one or two years ago, from a trust, not Realitatea, but I thought it would be best not to sell,” Petcu said.

Things are going well for the time being, which is why Petcu estimates to gain almost €30,000 in 2009 from publicity, even though advertisers are monitoring results more closely due to the economic recession.

Regarding the behavior in times of crisis, the blogger said that the first measures taken by advertisers were when “they started cutting from surplus sites. I am at peace with this idea and am content, because things went very well. I even raised prices in March, because they were so many.”

Known for being frank, and one observes scared looks when one tells people one is going to meet Zoso, he said that frankness is a plus, but what is really important is the value of opinion. “When you say something smart, relevant, or interesting, and someone recognizes himself in your opinion, you win. You can disregard frankness. You can not be frank, but be right,” Petcu said.